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Avail the Customized Shoe Boxes for Beating your Competitors

Generating sales and making people persuade you to purchase from you is not easy at all. Businesses need to strive hard for attracting people towards their products. There is no doubt in the fact that there exist a plethora of amazing products in the market. No matter what the niche is, the market provides you an enormous opportunity to buy lots of products for every niche.


New to the Shoe Market?

The shoe market is one of the most flooded markets. If you are new to this market, then it is the right time for you to think something amazing for getting popularity. One of the main demands for the shoe market is the use of sturdy and adorable packaging boxes. Without the packaging boxes, you cannot deliver your shoes to your customers. Shoe packaging boxes should be of such dimension that they can easily confine both pairs of the footwear while maintaining their appearance. These must be adequately spacious and of immense strength to withstand the weight of shoes. Open fragile white shoe boxes are surely the bad idea which you should avoid for packaging your shoes.

Turn your Company into Brand

The shoe is such is a product that is worn by every person. So, why not stand among the list of top-selling brands that provide quality products. Quality products need to be consumed at least once so that you would be rushed to these again and again. So, the primary goal is to enforce the customers to purchase your product. No method can be more economical in this than the stylish and elegant packaging shoe boxes. Indeed, it is a perfect way to transform your company into a prestigious brand rapidly. Male shoes are of a bit heavyweight than that of female shoes. So, compromising on the quality of boxes can devalue your product. It becomes unable to cover your product entirely during delivery. There are maximum chances that the boxes may break and the product may come out of these.

Power of Customized Shoe Boxes

Customized shoe boxes are the feasible marketing tactics that you must consider for your company. Its vigorous power is ample to make your products famous among the customers. Amazingly sturdy and superb quality packaging boxes having mediocre to the inferior type of graphic designing can spoil your brand image. Hence, the combination of excellent quality and enchanting graphics designing with brand name and logo is the primary requirement for getting potentiated outcomes. Graphic designing is an art that demands the right scheme of colors and designs. Failure to do so can lead to diminished or reverse effects. Hence, it is recommended that the companies should hire professional graphic designers for this. If you already have customized shoe boxes, but your product is not generating ample revenue, then you need to change your packaging. Shift towards more beautiful and trendy packs for grabbing customer’s attention and also to leave a mesmerizing effect on them.


Design Tips for Beginners

The perfect designing has the power to draw the attention of viewers. It depicts a stylish and fascinating appeal. Graphic designing is much in fashion nowadays. You can communicate your message to the public through the use of perfect graphics designing. Making your brand identity and enjoy an eminent reputation in the competitive world through the use of graphic designing skills.

Design Tips for Beginners

Beginners find it quite hard to learn graphic designing. Add facilitation to your life by learning the designing. Nothing can be more facilitating and useful than the design tips for beginners. Let us have a glance at the design tips for beginners:


Choosing the Right Font

When it comes to designing, then font matters a lot. An attractive design is the one which is evident in appearance and easy to read. Restricting the font to a single model is not a good idea at all. Bring creativity and innovation to it and explore beautiful font designs. Experiment as much as you can to bring out the best plan. You can use flat designs with proper alignment as it often works well.


Play with Colors

The daunting task of graphic design becomes quite easy when you know how to play with colors. Playing with colors is undoubtedly fun, and if you know it right, then graphic designing is just a piece of cake for you. One of the tips for beginners is to choose the contrast colors for your designs. If you want to create a cohesive look, then focus on matching font color with that of the background image. Avoid using many colors as it will diminish the appeal of your project. Choose the high contrast colors for your brand identity.

Play with Colors

Simplicity with White Spaces

One of the valuable design tips for beginners is that they should use white spaces while designing. The white areas add a flavor of simplicity to your design. Some of the designs seem quite impressive when they are simple in appearance. So, analyze your design first and then start making it. One of the most popular designs with white spaces is of Apple. It firmly builds the brand image in the minds of the public as whenever they see it, it immediately clicks into their mind that its Apple logo.

You can create magic with a single element with white spaces as it is easy for people to remember. In addition to this, it prevents the public from distractions. Ensure to repeat your favorite designs and keep on practicing the popular ones too. It would potentiate your skills and let you create something new out of it. Wear your cap of creativity and do not resist form experimentation.

At Liquid Printer, we provide you the most enchanting and stylish graphic designs for your customized retail boxes. The best feature of our graphic designing is that it’s free of cost for our valuable customers so that you can relish such fantastic service without spending any money.

The Importance of Creativity in Packaging Design

Creativity is the key to success for many companies, especially if you can take a seemingly unproductive product and enrich it with creative, unique ideas. Years ago, when the packaging industry was still new, creativity was not as important. In the last decades, however, it has become a much greater factor as industry evolved.

Back in the day, if the packaging was durable and served its purpose, there was nothing to worry about. Soon, companies have realized that the more attractive the fact that the packaging looks visual, the better the product is sold.

Because creative packaging could improve sales, industry has seen tremendous growth in packaging / labeling of eye catching products. Manufacturers need to focus more on the design and quality of their packages to compete with the difficult competition that did the same. Creativity becomes a high priority.

Knowing the importance of design, industry companies have started to grow much faster with team members. Now they needed to start hiring designers, merchants and other specialists who understood what was important for design and for consumers.

How to Design Packaging That Makes an Impact

Packaging has become as big as any other design work and considering all the things that need to be on the packaging, and the label is important. Whether you design a company website, a business card or a banner, there are certain things that need to be carefully thought out.

Packaging Impect

The colors you choose in design are one of the most important factors. Font is another important element that must be clearly legible from a short distance. If people can’t recognize or read what is in front of them, the chances of buying them drastically. Another important factor is the character or the slogan of your brand. Having a character as a face of your brand is a great way to stand out and also gives your mark something for people to connect to.

Creative Packaging Design

Part of the creative process is to come up with something to show you the brand and the benefits of the product, but it will also be unique enough to help your package be seen and memorized from your competitors.

Creative Packaging Design

To be unique and memorable, it is important to have creative talent in your team. This can be done by hiring a person who already has an excellent design portfolio or spending time and money on training a creative person that you could already have your staff. You never have to underestimate the importance of creativity and how packaging business can lead you to the next level.

Both Side Printing

Printing a custom design on both the outer side of the box and on the inside of the box can add more value to packaging your products without a big investment. For a small fee, typically around $ 0.10 per piece, we allow our customers the ability to print customized boxes on the colorful inner box panels, complete bleeding.

Inside Box Printing

Indoor printing allows you to continue the story of the designs inside the boxes. When the consumer opens the box, it not only reveals the excellent product inside, but also the beautiful colors, text and graphics.

Some of the examples presented in these images below show that versatile interior printing can bring design.

inside box printing

An example shows a base color that is printed inside the box. You can see that this color links the exterior design with the interior design, with the subtle touch of accent color on the inside panels of the box.

Both Side Pritning

Another example has a pattern that matches the overall color scheme of the packaging. This pattern draws your eyes in the printed box as you open it and adds value to the overall presentation.

How to Improve Business Packaging

The packaging industry is growing at a rapid pace. Packaging has become one of today’s most successful business. The reason is that customers now want the packaging to be of high quality. The liquid printer has become so important that its quality can make a customer look like a product or does not like it. The packaging industry has grown and developed over time. This also have an idea to creative and energetic minds to start a packaging business.

Tips for starting the packaging

The packaging industry can help you make huge profits, but it can also cause a loss of money. When you enter a business, there are many things to consider. You should have a proper understanding of the packaging industry and the role of printing on the market.

When you enter the packaging business, you should have the right knowledge about customized boxes. Beginners can take their business to new heights only if they know a few basic things about packaging. Here are some of the most useful tips beginners have to follow if they want to succeed in business.

Packaging Boxes

Product Protection

The basic thing that you should all consider when creating packaging boxes is durability. The packaging box is loved by customers only when it provides product protection. The liquid printer must be made of durable packaging material. Protection is the main purpose of a packing box and should fulfill its purpose.

Use high quality packaging materials

Packaging quality is also a concern when making some packing boxes. Quality is the first thing a customer judges when he takes over the product. If the quality of custom boxes is of good quality, then the product is definitely of good quality. The quality of the product is also determined by the quality of the packaging.

Use a friendly and user-friendly design

A basic rule that you have to observe while designing the packing box is to make it friendly. An easy-to-use packaging box with print box may be the reason why the product is sold on the market. Therefore, you should give companies a friendly and user-friendly design.

Freindly Packaging Boxes

When Do We Use Gable Packaging Boxes.

Gable packaging is one of the most unique and stylish types of packaging we know. A gable box is a type of container, often used to favor food or party. You might know it as “Party Pack Box”. It is made of cardboard and has a square bottom with a triangular shaped tip forming a handle. The ends bend in the handle that is attached through two small slits. The word “gable” refers to the front or side of a building surrounded by a sharp roof.

A Gable Box imitates this form.

Gable Packaging Boxes

They are manufactured to serve multiple purposes. They are light, cheap and biodegradable, resulting in a perfect release box.

Gable Boxes Handle

In addition, gable boxes are perfect for storing food, as demonstrated by Dunkin Donuts and their delicious meals. Use them for party favors and eat them with candy and delicious treats.

Open Gable Boxes

Here at Liquid Printer we have a wide variety of Gable Boxes, so if you want to impress potential customers with a business promotional package or with a pleasant birthday party, we offer you coverage.

Gift Boxes for party’s.

This post may help you to design your own gift box for party’s and different occiousn. Its easy to design your own gift boxes. Mostly people buy gift boxes from shop and its more expencive. Today’s tutorials show you ways to make your own gift boxes, add that finishing touch to all your hand made holiday gifts.

First cut a piece of 12 X 12 Inches modern paper(heavier paper that manage gift weight) or cardstock to 8 1/2 X 11 Inches. Next lay the paper lengthwise on your score board and scoreat 1/2, 3 1/2, 5 3/4 and 8 3/4 Inches. Flip yourself paper vertical with your score board and sore at 3 and 6 1/2 Inches. Next use a bone folder to pre-fold on the score lines.

gable boxes

With your paper lengthwise, cut slits on the score lines from the bottom to the score line vertical to it, flip your paper and do the same on the bottom. Your paper should be solid in the middle and have flaps on the top and bottom, and look like this.

gable boxes 1

Cut off the top and bottom pieces on the side with the 1/2 inches flap so just the center on that end is remaining.


For this I had to fold my box in half at one of the score lines and line up and run each handle through the die cutter one at a time. Make sure to fold down all the flaps so that only the piece you want to is cut. It can be a little tricky but I just eyeballed it and mine came out nicely. If you have a punch you could use that too.


Now use your corner rounder to round the corners of the handle. I did this after I cut my handles but you can do this before to make it a bit easier to handle.


Now we can meet the box. On the inside of the box apply scor-tape to the two non handle top flaps, the two opposite flaps on the bottom, and the outside of the 1/2 Inches flap on the side.


Starting with the 1/2″ side flap in the middle remove the liner from the scor-tape and create the box by joining the small flap to the inside of the other end to form the box. You may need to fold the flaps out of the way for convenience. To create the bottom of the box fold in the two flaps without scor-tape first. Then fold remove the liner and fold down one bottom flap with adhesive. Then repeat with the other flap. Now you have a completed box and you are ready to decorate.


gableboxes12 gableboxes13 gableboxes14

You could embellish this lovely little box however you’d like but I’m going to quickly show you how to make your own decorative edge fan fold flower.





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